Welcome to the Resources page of the DigiPrior web platform, here you can find some of the DigiPrior resources in English and all partner languages.

1. Protocol/Methodology for selecting the materials for digitization (Setting priorities) – English and all partner languages

Protocol/Methodology – English version
Protocol/Methodology – Bulgarian version
Protocol/Methodology – Dutch version
Protocol/Methodology – Romanian version
Protocol/Methodology – Portuguese version

2. Indicators calculator (Tool for setting priorities)

To aid the process of setting priorities for digitization, the DigiPrior team proposed a formula in the Protocol/Methodology. This formula can be easily implemented via the Indicators calculator.

Click on the button below and download the file to begin using it.

3. DigiPrior Competence Framework

4. Video: Approaches for attractive digital presentation of the digitized content

The movie subtitles are available. Click on the CC icon to enable them and then select the language from Settings icon. The subtitles appearance (colour, background) could be adjusted also from Settings then Subtitles and then, in the upper corner, Options.

5. Guide: Approaches for attractive digital representation of the digital content and rising young learners’ motivation

Guide – English version
Guide – Bulgarian version
Guide – Dutch version
Guide – Romanian version
Guide – Portuguese version

6. Guide for users and teachers: for DigiPrior training modules

7. Five short educational movies

1. How to establish indicators for prioritizing the digitization
2. Prioritization in digitization. Calculator

3.The quality of digitization and copyright issues
4.How to maintain the digitized data

5.How to present the digitized data and promote its usage

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